More Info On Arthritis Treatments Health and Fitness Blog -

More Info On Arthritis Treatments  Health and Fitness Blog -

September 8, 2008More Info On Arthritis Treatments

Generally found in the human body, glucosamine is an amino sugar, a small molecule which is synthesized internally and easily absorbed by the blood stream. It is a special form of sugar found naturally in the human body or prepared synthetically in a laboratory. It contains both sugar and protein, it is located in the joint cartilages and the amount found reduces as we age and creates pain in the joints. The Glucosamine supplement is delivered directly to joints and stimulates the proteoglycans present in the joints which is used in repairing cartilage.

Animal based supplements are taken out from chitin or bovine cartilage, the hardened outer shell part of shrimp, crab and lobsters. In plant based supplement form the frequently used example is glucosamine hydrochloride which is manufactured by the plant Aspergillus Niger. Cartilage is repaired and Arthritis pain is reduced so it has an important role to play in the human body. Many Arthritis and specially Osteoarthritis can be treated by it. skin and face packs containing it remove blemishes tracks, dark spots and uneven discoloring. It can be used to soothe chapped lips and reduce the puffiness and sagging of eyes but generally helps eliminates unwanted pigments, scars and wrinkles in the skin. Bones, cartilages, tendons and connecting tissues all have this as a major component and it forms skin, bones, tendons ligaments, nails and parts of heart, synovial fluids etc.

In order to healing their incision faster, patients undergoing surgery are given glucosamine supplement as it causes hyaluronic acid to be produced which heals injuries. It is essential for the formation of mucous that lines the urinary digestive and respiratory tracks. With Osteoarthritis, the cartilages of the human body degenerate and cause swelling and pain in the joints which is why Glucosamine is freely used in the treatment of Arthritis. Pain in sufferers who are severely attacked by Osteoarthritis is reduced when glucosamine supplement is given with chondroitin. A combined dose makes patients feel good, with less aching in the body and less stiffness in their joints as they start to function again.

Glucosamine supplements stimulate the production of cartilage and it prevents the further degeneration but it is also effective in the treatment of Arthritis in the jaw which is called the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). One form, i. In some cases of stomach disorder such as Chrons disease and ulcerative colitis this same type of Glucosamine is effective. This wonder chemical is the main component of many products and has a vital role to play.

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