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If you suffer from dermatological sensitivity, there are ways to reduce redness skin. Soap and sun are two harsh elements that can wreak havoc on your body, particularly your face. Pay attention to the types of cleaning products you use, and be careful when you are exposed to sunlight. Also, make note of whether certain foods tend to worsen your condition.

When you purchase soap, look for types that are safe for those with chemical sensitivities. Noncomedogenic types do not block pores. You also can purchase soap that actually is not soap in the traditional manner, but a type that includes special ingredients so as not to cause red dermatological flare-ups. These special soaps may include moisturizers or other special agents to soothe and smooth irritated areas.

You may want to invest in special makeup to improve your appearance and protect sensitive areas. Look for special product lines that are hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, meaning they will not block your pores. These types of makeup may be in a separate section from other types of similar products.

Take care to avoid sunburns and any type of overexposure to sunlight when outdoors. Too much time in the sun can lead to rashes and red bumps along with irritated areas. Sunscreen and sunblock can be valuable tools to help protect these areas from flaring.

For those with rosacea, a more severe level of reaction could occur when ingesting spicy food or drinking alcohol, particularly red wine. You may want to maintain a food log that notes when these reactive events occur. You can then tailor your diet to adjust to your condition.

If you pay attention to soap, sun and diet factors, you may be able to reduce redness skin. For serious cases that do not seem to clear up even with these changes, you could visit with a dermatologist. There are prescription medications that may bring additional relief so that you can face the world without blotchy red patches.

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